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I would just like to state how in love I am with Cassie putting her hair up into a ponytail. ~ I have always been, and always will be a fan of her long hair out loose. (Especially when #KennethRocafort is drawing her.) But this ponytail style is definitely something I'd like to see every now and then.


Wonder Girl (Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark) is a fictional character, a super-heroine in the DC Comics universe. Created by John Byrne, she first appeared in Wonder Woman (vol. 2) #105 in 1996, as a sidekick of the popular super-heroine Wonder Woman. She is also a prominent member of the superhero group the Teen Titans. Daughter of an archaeologist who discovered magical artifacts which bestowed upon Cassie superpowers. Later, Zeus, king of the Greek gods, grants her real powers. Later…

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Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl a.k.a. Cassie Sandsmark, is the love interest of both Superboy and Tim Drake/Red Robin from Teen Titans. In the original continuity, Cassie Sandsmark was the second hero to adopt the name "Wonder Girl", the first being Wonder Woman's sister Donna Troy. She was the daughter of Zeus and an achaeologist. After helping Wonder Woman fight not one but two supervillains using some magical artifacts, Zeus gave Cassie super powers as a reward for her bravery. Cassie would later join…