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Kiya — Nail Clipper Black

At the cutting edge of knife-making for more than two centuries, Tokyo-based Kiya also develops expertly crafted personal accessories such as this elegant and effective improvement upon the typical nail clipper. The blackened steel tool has a die-cast lever that ensures precision control of the especially sharp blade, while the plastic case catches clippings. Use the etched file to smooth out any rough edges.

Where Are They Now: The Cast of Home Improvement

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Home Improvement was one of my Favorite #television shows in the 90's and my #teenagers enjoy watching it on #DVD today! Tim (the tool Man Taylor)...

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Fleur-de-Lis Cast Iron Bistro, Set of 3

Transform part of your home into a cute little French cafe! Our Fluer-de-Lis Cast Iron Bistro Set is perfect for breakfast nooks or patios. We love how it combines elegant luxury with sturdy artistry.

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speech 1 In its hilarious third season, millions of fans made HOME IMPROVEMENT the #1 sitcom in America. Tim Allen and the cast laid the foundation for one of the funniest series in television history, and audiences everywhere loved it! Also a hit with the critics, season three garnered a Golden Globe nomination for Best TV Series in the Comedy/Musical category, and Tim All...

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Here's how YOU can live off the grid!

How to Restore a Rusty Cast Iron Skillet — Cleaning Lessons from The

Cast iron cleaning is something of tradition passed down to generations along with the cookware itself. Some cooks and cast iron diehards dare not let theirs near water, much less soap of any sort, and letting one rust may indeed fall into the book of unpardonable sins for some southerners. But fear not: on a recent visit to the Lodge factory in Tennessee, I learned the proper way to restore rusty cast iron from the experts themselves. A few simple steps at home can restore rusted cast iron…

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Pic of a way to display cast iron pans on a wall found via a post on

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