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Stepahnie Mills, Clarice Taylor, Mabel King, Andre De Shields, Tasha Thomas, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Tiger Haynes, Ted Ross - The Wiz (Original Cast Recording)

"Túrin Prepares to Take His Life" sketch by Ted Nasmith. Turin Tuimbar, Master of Doom by Doom Mastered.... **sobbing**


neil patrick harris[barney stinson] alyson hannigan[lily aldrin], jason segel[marshall eriksen] cobie smulders[robin scherbatsky] josh radnor[ted mosby]


Irish actor teams up with "Fr. Ted" creator and Amnesty International to create “Chains,” a new campaign to repeal the 8th. <br />

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Kate Mara, Ed Helms Join Cast of Ted Kennedy Film ‘Chappaquiddick’

Kate Mara, Ed Helms Join Cast of Ted Kennedy Film ‘Chappaquiddick’ - Houston Chronicle

Nick van Woert -Erratic 1) Acrylic boxes,linoleum,lotion,vaseline, koolaid,ceiling tiles 2) Hair gel, lipstick, fluorescent tubes,concrete, urethane coal slag,plastic rain gutter, mesh, billboard vinyl 3) plaster powder, plastic mirrors, burnt model of 6221 Osage avenue, kitty litter, wooden statues, glass, steel C channel, Colon Cleanse,plexiglass template,yoga mat,skateboards, screen door, spray paint and house paint 4) asphalt felt,aluminum foil, coal slag,aluminum cast of Ted Kaczynki's…

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John Slattery joins 'Ted 2'

Ted 2 is quickly becoming the clown car of star-studded casting news. EW has confirmed that John Slattery will be joining the cast of Ted 2, which already...

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Liam Neeson pens pro horse-drawn carriage piece for 'New York Times'

Liam Neeson pens pro horse-drawn carriage editorial for ‘New York Times’ |