Many societies that believe in the Evil Eye also adhere to a strict caste system, like the one in India. It is often those at the bottom of the caste, the "untouchables" who are blamed and accused of casting the Evil Eye upon those higher up in the caste system.


This is the caste system in India. My baap and Sassur were both part of the Brahmin caste. However, this does not always mean that we are the wealthiest. Both my family and my groom's family have stuggled with money all our lives.


The Caste System Video Explains the Caste System and how the Untoucables actually play a key role in India society.


The Caste System of Ancient India. The caste system organizes division of labour and money in human society. It's a system of social stratification, and a basis for affirmative action.

Ideas for a project The untouchables face a life style of poverty and being discriminated against. They were not allowed to go to many places that other caste could go to, or to dress the same as them. As Anant explains, “Until recently, they were not allowed to draw water from the common well of the village, nor were they entitled to enter the temples (1972: 22)


The Caste System explained and an addition about Ancient Indian society. The Caste System was a major part of the Indus River Valley civilization.


Of India’s 1 billion people, 160 million are untouchables, or ‘Dalits’(‘broken people’) who are at the bottom of the Hindu caste system of segregation; light-skinned Brahmins at the top. In between are a myriad of castes and sub-castes. Untouchables, India’s poorest people, are forced to perform society’s most menial,degrading tasks.

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