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Many societies that believe in the Evil Eye also adhere to a strict caste system, like the one in India. It is often those at the bottom of the caste, the "untouchables" who are blamed and accused of casting the Evil Eye upon those higher up in the caste system.


This is the caste system in India. My baap and Sassur were both part of the Brahmin caste. However, this does not always mean that we are the wealthiest. Both my family and my groom's family have stuggled with money all our lives.


The Caste System of Ancient India. The caste system organizes division of labour and money in human society. It's a system of social stratification, and a basis for affirmative action.

The Caste System explained and an addition about Ancient Indian society. The Caste System was a major part of the Indus River Valley civilization.

This video is taken from the BBC TV documentary called "The story of India" presented by historian Michael Wood, about the 10,000-year history of the Indian subcontinent. This video and the entire series is the property of BBC TV and no copyright infringement is intended. This extract is made to present a small talk on the Indian Caste System to...


A slum in India. Thousands of children are orphaned and left homeless on the streets. These children have to fend for themselves and relinquish their rights to a pleasant childhood.

Photographer: Peter Steinhauer Country: Singapore Title: Taikoo Windows, Hong Kong - 2009 Caption: Part of book project entitled "Hong Kong - Surface Unseen"