Casualties of War (1989) by Brian De Palma. A gripping examination of a group of soldiers during the Vietnam war. Based on a true story it recounts the shocking events of the rape and murder of a Vietnamese girl by four men and shows the dehumanizing effects of war. The fantastic cast is headed by Michael J. Fox and Sean Penn.

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Scene of Ewell's attack, May 19, 1864, near Spottsylvania [i.e. Spotsylvania] Court House. Dead Confederate soldier

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✠ Dead Waffen SS soldiers lie frozen, winter of 1942, Eastern Front. 80-90% of all German military casualties were killed by the Soviets. They would kill more Germans in one battle than the rest would during the whole war. And Waffen SS formations suffered most casualties. A German general once said: 'Each German soldier is worth ten of his enemies. Unfortunately that's not enough. Victory demands of him to be worth one hundred".

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From the film, "Saving Private Ryan". Occupied France, WWII, just after D-day. An American soldier carrying a French girl.

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A Soldier wounded in World War I by a Dum Dum round, which is a bullet designed to expand to create maximum damage.

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The Vietnam War left scars on the minds of a generation, but for the soldiers who identified the war dead and sent them home to their families for burial, it has never been more vivid. Description from I searched for this on

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In actual numbers, African-American soldiers comprised 10% of the entire Union Army. The 54th Massachusetts was the first black regiment, and they entered the war in 1863.

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The bodies of civilians lie beside a hedgerow, the casualties of fighting around Stavelot which the Americans retook on 21 December, 1944.

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