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Home Remedy for Dog and Cat's Crusted, Runny, or Infected Eyes -

I want to share with you a home remedy for dogs and cats that have crusted, runny , or appear to possibly have an eye infection. This method has worked for


Eye Infections and Conjunctivitis DIY Natural Herbal Treatments Remedies Cures for Dogs, Cats In this article... • Typical Causes of an Eye Infection; • Typical Signs that Your Dog's or Cat's Eye May Be Infected; • Typical Signs of Pink Eye - Conjunctivitis • Contagiousness of Eye Infections • Treating and Curing Eye Infections o Topical Treatments o Ingested (Dietary) Remedies • Duration of Treatment • When To Get Your Dog to Your Veterinarian


Administering antibiotic eye drops For Cat`s eye infection, buy Polyspurin which is sold over the counter. Polysporin comes in drops or ointment, make sure that the drop and ointment are marked for eyes, as polysporin preparations can be found for the eyes, skin and ears. If the eye infection persists take to the vet.

from Sweetie Kitty

How to Treat Cat Eye Infection at Home

How to Treat Cat Eye Infection at Home #cat #kitty #catlover