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9 Essential Hacks To Make Living With A Cat So Much Easier

Cats get a raw deal sometimes. They are viewed as being conniving, snobby, mean, and antisocial. The problem with trying to defend them, if you're a cat lover like I am, is that these things are totally true. Cats can be the absolute worst. But so can people, and you don't meet that many people who

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Affectionate Cat Reaches Up For A Big Hug From His Human

Mostly cats but sometimes other animals or random silliness.Enjoy. And cats. Mostly. Please respect the photographer and leave the source link. To submit your own cat photos (CLICK HERE)

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Happy Hug Your Cat Day!

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He Is So Cuddly

Jehovah, plleeaasse let this happen soon♡ Can't wait to cuddle with any animal I want in Paradise♡

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The 17 Best Cat GIFs Of All Time (Yes, Really)

Go Hug A Cat & Look At The 17 Best Cat GIFs Of All Time #refinery29 Millennials these days are so addicted to their technology....

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"Pretty much what I imagined every time you people would sit on each other in OYAN chat." To quote Quillly

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The 17 Best Cat GIFs Of All Time (Yes, Really)

Keep your friends close. #refinery29

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