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Catching Feelings Quotes

Oh my god - how does this happen!!!!! So painful when you cannot for whatever reason be with this person :(


Musicians Union Newspaper Article 2009 OFL Cultural Award

The worst thing is catching feelings for someone who's not officially yours & you tend to get mad at everything they do, forgetting its not your place to even feel that way

4 You are not my prisoner. But theres a catch dont praise another female or show her the same attention you show me. I am very comfortable with myself and know my worth but if I am your queen I should be the only one you get wild for. A true lioness I will not stick around if I feel like Im second to someone else reassure me that no one else can top me that we are in tune with eachother heart body mind and soul. peace #queen #worthy #knowyourworth…


People aren't even dating anymore, just talking, catching feelings, sleeping together, and ending up in situationships #sotrue #true


"Catching feelings"

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I absolutely detest mixed signals, just give me the raw, unadulterated truth so that I can make informed choices instead of leaving me to draw my own conclusions based on wishy washy bullshit. Also the grammar here is bad. So bad.