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Toughen up chicken livers for catfish bait by packing them in a coffee can between layers of non-iodized salt. Store the can in the refrigerator for about a week, and the livers will toughen up to the consistency of leather. They’ll stay on the hook better and never spoil.


A great inexpensive bait that will catch eating size channel cats. Buy package of hot dogs (cheap brands work great) Cut into bite-sized pieces, Put in zip-seal plastic bag. Add 2 or 3 heaping tablespoons chopped garlic & a package unsweetened strawberry kool-aid. Add water to fill bag about half full, zip shut & refrigerate overnight. Put a piece on your hook when ready to fish & hang on. You’ll have cats chasing dogs in no time! You can store bait in fridge between fishing trips.

bait-for-catfish - I love this idea! I hate having my chicken livers snatched by some catfish determined to just suck the bait instead of biting it.

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How to Build A Catfish Bait Chum Dispenser

How To Make A PVC Chum Dispenser Tube | Fishing tips for catching catfish, bass, trout and other types of fish at #fishing #fishingtips #survivalist


We all have our go-to catfish baits, but some work better than others. See the best secret catfish baits you need to know about at Game & Fish.

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Papa's Best Catfish Bait Recipe

I recently visited my grandparents and had to help Papa clean out his tool shed. While I was moving a tool box around, I knocked over and broke a glass bottle and was quickly hit with an absolutely disgusting smell. I couldn’t pinpoint it but I knew it was vaguely familiar. A few


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Trying out a hotdog, garlic and cherry kool-aid catfish bait. Hum? Heard of weird bait before but whatever works.