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This is awesome! Jadynn's really improving a little but more every Sunday, but I still have to remind myself she's only 3!

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Must Reads for Young Catholics

A great list of Must Reads for Young Catholics. Enliven your children's faith through great literature. A wonderful booklist!

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Daily Learning Notebook and Calendar Printables for Catholic Kids

Large packet of printable daily learning notebook pages and calendar printables perfect for Catholic children. There are also Christian options that are non-Catholic as well.

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Pope Francis' Five Finger Prayer for Kids

When teaching your kids how to pray, sometimes their prayers might start sounding more like lists. Naming off all the people they can think of to pray for. Or they might get distracted- squirrel! Sitting still for kids isn't easy and learning how to talk to God can be easier for some kids... but they might now know what to say. This simple prayer, designed by Pope Francis, can be the tool to help your kids keep focused during prayer and understand what it is they could be praying about…

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Marian Must Reads for Young Catholics...(and a giveaway

A MARY book list! Perfect for inspiring Marian devotion in young kids and children of Catholic families! Must reads! Picture books and board books!

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Should I Consecrate My Children to Mary?

Consecration to Mary: Should your child be consecrated to Mary and what does consecration mean? Catholic devotions, catholic family living, Catholic kids, Catholic moms moving towards Mary and her brilliant live that leads us directly to the side of Jesus. Learn more here.

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How to Make a Catholic Rosary

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Looking for ideas to celebrate the feast of St. Valentine with your Catholic kids? This is the ultimate list! Crafts, printables, food ideas, and more. <3

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