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Prefect Fence | No-Weld Fencing. This may actually be the cheaper way to go! It also saves trees and looks really cool!!

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An organized feed room with supplement shelves, clean floor, pony-proof feed bins = healthy horses live here

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YES!!! No one likes to live in a box-- even Hemi would love to be inside a barn like this!! :)

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A design like the picture above shows the handling facility that will be on on my cow-calf operation. This facility is located according to access from pastures, so cattle can go from pastures into the holding and sorting pens. Once in these pens cattle can follow through the layout where we can easily bring them into the squeeze chute. Also the facility will help us load the cattle when transporting.

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Walk in fence. This way you don't have to unlatch the gate every time, but your livestock stay in.

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Rotational grazing is another way to help let the grass recover. By moving the cattle from pasture to pasture over a certain period of time will help the grass grow. It can be time consuming and labor intensive but in the end it will mostly pay for itself.

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