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How to Raise Cattle on Small Acreage

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The Best Time To Buy And Sell Cows

There's an art to buying and selling cows. But there can also be a gamble. Here are some pro's and con's for you to consider when buying cows and then selling them.

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A great resource to help you give vaccines or injections to your livestock, whether it’s for a commercial cattle operation or a single dose to a dog, cat, or horse, you’ll learn something.

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When you're starting any new homesteading venture, it's always good to have a list. Here's a Must Have List When Getting Your First Cow, dairy or beef!

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Using turnips and other rootcrops for cattle grazing is an old concept that’s making a comeback in rural North America.

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Three Ways to Gauge Pastured Livestock Health – Homesteading and Livestock

Three Ways to Gauge Pastured Livestock Health – From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

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How to Raise Cattle on a Small Acreage

Raising Cattle on Small Acreage. Helpful information for my husband and I.

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Rotational grazing is another way to help let the grass recover. By moving the cattle from pasture to pasture over a certain period of time will help the grass grow. It can be time consuming and labor intensive but in the end it will mostly pay for itself.

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The Perfect Family Cow? Pros & Cons of Dexter Cattle

The Perfect Family Cow? The Pros & Cons of Raising Dexter Cows (from someone who used to own them but doesn't anymore)

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