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Alexandra Hopp - Obsessive Compulsive Ring in the Shape of the Caudate Nucleus Comprised of Multiple Types of Prong Settings in Three Different Types of Silver Alloys, of Which One Third Were Hand Fabricated, One Third Were Cast and the Remainder Were of Mass Manufacture

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Baby, you can fill my caudate nucleus | Unisex T-Shirt

Baby, you can fill my caudate nucleus by squidyes


Basal nuclei and related structures : Caudate nucleus, Head of caudate nucleus, Body of caudate nucleus, Tail of caudate nucleus, Lentiform nucleus; Lenticular nucleus, Internal capsule, Caudolenticular grey bridges; Transcapsular grey bridges, Anterior limb of internale capsule, Anterior thalamic radiation, Frontopontine fibres, Genu of internal capsule, Corticonuclear fibres, Posterior limb of internale capsule, Central thalamic radiation, Thalamus


Medicowesome: Coronal section of the brain highlighting lentiform nucleus, caudate nucleus & internal capsule


Role of Dopamine in the Primate Caudate Nucleus in Reward Modulation of Saccades (Behavioural Systems and Cognitive Learning)

BASAL GANGLIA  Corpus striatum: Caudate nucleus + Lentiform nucleus Lentiform nucleus: putamen + globus pallidus Neostriatum: Caudate nucleus + Putamen Paleostriatum: globus pallidus