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9/8/2016 Glacial melt Skafta River, Iceland 63.7751116, -18.09628   Glacial melting and flooding occurs every year by the Skafta River in Iceland. As the water travels down towards the North Atlantic Ocean, incredible patterns are created on the hillsides. Rising lava, steam vents, or newly opened hot springs can all cause this rapid ice melt, leading to a sizable release of water that picks up sediment as it flows down from the glaciers.

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Venice's Acqua Alta: A Survival Guide

Unfortunately, acqua alta (literally high water, or flooding) is part of daily life in Venice... at least some times of the year! Here's why it happens, how locals deal with it, and why it's getting worse.


A Haitian father carries is daughter in search of safety. (WNN) HAITI: A father carries his daughter on his shoulders as their city flee rising waters in search of ...344 x 490 | 96.7KB |


Steam locomotive showing its teeth going through the rough flood cause by the heaviest rain of the season Boston 1915 photo by Leslie Jones

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Photo: Great Flood of Paris 1910

The Paris Library floods [1910] How my heart feels right now


The statue of Ramesses the Great at the Temple of Abu Simbel in the process of being reassembled after needing to be relocated in 1976 to sa...


Illustration by Maira Kalman, based on Barney Ingoglia’s photograph for the New York Times article “Rain Raises Fears of Flooding: Pedestrians in Times Square Wading through a Puddle as Heavy Rains Began Yesterday. The Rain Was Expected to Continue Today, Melting Much of the Snow and Causing Fears of Flooding,” January 25, 1978. (Courtesy of The Museum of Modern Art © Maira Kalman)

A soldier navigates through a flooded trench, a stick was completely necessary, because troops have been reported to fall and it was difficult to obtain clean linens at times, on the front.