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A person with this phobia will usually be anxious and nervous whilst around sick people, wondering if they'll vomit. This is an intense, irrational fear, or anxiety pertaining to vomiting includes subcategories of what causes the anxiety, including a fear of vomiting in public, a fear of seeing vomit, a fear of watching the action of vomiting or fear of being nauseated.

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This relates to fitsporexia. Many people, after having a "cheat day", go even harder the next day out of fear of gaining weight and body fat back.

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You can have a random phobia of something simply because your grandma did, too. A study of mice showed the fear of a traumatic event could be genetically passed on, causing the offspring and even their children to be fearful of the same trauma...

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Memories may be passed down through generations in DNA, a process underlying cause of phobias

Memories may be passed down through generations in DNA, a process underlying cause of phobias. Interesting, but is it true?! Are memories of hunger passed on to help create the global obesity crisis?

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pronunciation | drap-et-O-mAn-E-a note | Drapetomania first appeared in a pseudoscientific article by an American physician in 1851 as a “mental illness” that caused black slaves to try to flee captivity. It supposedly occurred as a result of a master treating their slaves like equals. But though the first usage of the word is deeply rooted in racism, it derives simply from the Greek δραπετης drapetos, meaning “runaway (slave)”, and μανια mania

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pronunciation | \ ‘tar-un-“tiz-m \ #tarantism, noun, English, origin: Italian, dance, dancing, melancholy, coping strategies, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, definitions, T,

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