The Pueblo La Estrella (Star Town) in Cayo Santa Maria is an all-in-one entertainment center designed to give you break from your hotel and try something different

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Cayo Santa Maria beach, Cuba. Now I want a hammock some sunscreen and an ice cold pina-colada

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Where is The island of Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba has an area of 13 km²or 8 miles², one of the smallest in the Jardines del Rey Archipelago is under juri...

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#CubaTravel We are coming to Cayo Santa Maria, 48km road over the sea, it's very exciting!!!!

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Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba The most beautiful beach in Cuba is not in Varadero! THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH IN THE CARIBBEAN! Cant wait to be here in 7 days!!

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#CayoSantaMaria is linked to the mainland near the city of #Caibarien via a 48 km causeway. There’s a 2 CUC per vehicle toll fee to finance the road itself. The first hotel on Cayo Santa Maria was the #SolCayoSantaMaria, operated by the #Melia Group since December 2001. All the hotels in Cayo Santa Maria are owned by the Cuban Hotel Group Gaviota and managed by the respective hotel chains shown below. Learn more from our free #CubaTravel Guide About…

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Welcome to Cayo Santa Maria Cuba Paradise on the beautiful beaches, adventure activities, getting closer to nature. Website

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