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Conifers (C). 1. Pine-. 2. Fir-. 3. Larch-. 4. Juniper*. 5. Cypress/ kiparisas*. 6. Yew/ kukmedis*. 7. Cedar/ kedras*. 8. Hemlock.

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Some people will attach the word "Celtic" to anything to make it sound more "woo" pagan. This, obviously, now includes trees native to the Middle East.

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Facts About Cedar Trees – Learn How To Care For A Cedar Tree

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Cedar of Lebanon ~ The wood of this tree was used by Solomon in the construction of the temple he built in Jerusalem. Photo credit: CharlesFred

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Cedar trees species Western Red has a height of 50-60 m (3 m 6 may be greater for m)

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Upcycled Garden Trellis

trellis--I need these for my cukes and green beans! Of course, that also means I need cedar trees and vines. Shoot.

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