Ceiling medallion art

Hang a few ceiling medallions for bold wall art. -- Lowe's Creative Ideas

Medallion Wall Art - Hang a variety of ceiling medallions to make a big, bold art statement.

Using a ceiling medallion and chocolate brown paint, you can make a piece of wall art.  A mirror would be great in the center as well.

Ceiling Medallion Wall Art

Sand Dollar Ceiling Medallion Art - personally, I'd put an etching or a touched up picture or canvas or even a round mirror in the middle but you get the idea

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pottery barn wall art turned ceiling medallion, dining room ideas, wall decor I could do this with a Faux wrought iron piece!

Ceiling accents from hardware store painted and hung on the wall

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No Hanger? No Problem! How I hung my ceiling medallion art.

Ceiling Medallion Wall Art

Soda Can Tab Picture Hanger- works awesome for any lightweight wall art & FREE! Great for brick walls

They hang a medallion on the ceiling. The reason? I LOVE this idea!

This is Jennifer Allwood's (The Magic Brush) brilliant idea for repurposing a pottery barn wall hanging into a Non-traditional Ceiling Medallion.

Positive Space - on the bathroom wall as a set of 3, large, medium, small on the diagonal.

Positive Space is an art company specializing in mural painting services, custom finishes, and fine art sales. Positive Space is owned by Ali Kay, based out of Chattanooga, TN.

painted ceiling medallions

DIY Wall Medallions

Medallion Magic: Make a statement with multiples. Scoop up a collection of ceiling medallions in various sizes and designs. Spray-paint the medallions and arrange on a wall as art. Try neutral medallions on a brightly colored wall, or do the reverse -- paint the medallions in fun colors and arrange on a neutral wall.

Colorful DIY Projects

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A variety of polyurethane ceiling medallions (available at home improvement stores) make expensive-looking wall art when they’re painted similar shades. The medallions are lightweight, so they’re easy to hang. Use strong glue like Liquid Nails or, for a temporary hold, try strips of Velcro. Nail the back part of the Velcro to the wall to make it extra secure. “Trace the medallions onto kraft paper. Stick the paper circles to the wall with painter’s tape to help plan your design,”—Tiffany…

7 Ways to Fill Up Your Walls