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Goddess Hathor

Hathor is one of the most beloved of Egypt’s goddesses, a benevolent, understanding and stunningly beautiful figure responsible for all artistic endeavor and happiness in the world. The goddess of joy, celebration, music and art, she presides over festivals whose sole purpose is to bring joy to the participants; she is also a goddess of the family, and is known to protect children, provide their mothers with new siblings and to heal their small ills with infinite care.

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Choreography By: Lando Wilkins ( Ian Eastwood ( Just hanging out & celebrating our return home back in the studios and teaching once again. Getting ready for summer workshops. Music By: Problem "TurNup" New Boyz "FM$ (Freak My Sh*t)" Twitter: @Moswantedcrew, @MyronMarten, @JawnHa, @JP_Goldstein, @...

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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 1965 Academy Award winning film THE SOUND OF MUSIC, stars Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer speak exclusively to Vanity Fair about the making of the iconic movie

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Real Wedding: Alissa and Ryan

string quartet - perfect for an outdoor tea party, but if not possible, a playlist of classical music softly playing in the background works too. "Camomile Mourning"

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Concerts and celebrate music and the human condition - Jimi Hendrix said music is my religion #music #concert #song

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If you are looking for ideas to celebrate Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM) with your kiddos, I pulled together some of the ideas that I am...

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This is a symbol of how Joel and Luke came up with the band name. They call themselves this, because it was a battle cry of the British soldiers as they went into war. "For King and Country!" The symbols mean, in the upper left hand corner, it the Roman Numeral for the number 4, but they used it as "For". The upper right hand corner is a crown, meaning King, which is God. The bottom left hand corner is the symbol for the word, "and". Last, the bottom right hand corner is Australia, their…

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