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Is the walking dead and pretty little liars gonna have a colab together or what, am I right? Lol, jk but that would be cool!

from BuzzFeed

How Well Do You Know These Celebrities' Real Names?



Did you know that to this day the Olsen Twins still call the cast of Full House by their names in the show? Because they were taught those names and not their real ones so they would get confused so to them this is still Uncle Jessie ;; that's a fun little fact

Johnny Depp called him Bob Downey in an interview once and I swear it took me so long to figure out that he meant RDJ. I had to contemplate life for a bit after that.

It's strange that we live in a culture obsessed with celebrities that make art pieces, music, sing, act, write song lyrics and the music itself; we love them, we want to be them, the majority of people know their names and what they do. And yet we take music from schools, cut art programs, dance programs, singing. Like these aren't the things that got all those people we adore started. I don't want to be the generation that doesn't contribute to these things and then get blamed for it.

You guys. Please stop saying "Go follow (insert celebrity name)'s pinterest account! Im pretty sure its real!" Well guess what its not. Anyone can link any twitter in their profile description. If these accounts were real, the celebrities wouldn't be repinning pictures of themselves and im sure they would tell people they had a pinterest. Sorry for the rant its just so many people have been lied to about this.

Elvis' Hollywood Walk of Fame Star was awarded to him on February 9, 1960. Elvis was one of the first eight performers that were honored after construction of the walk was completed.