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SMA – superior mesenteric artery, CA – celiac artery, K – kink in the aorta, RA – renal arteries, AA – abdominal aorta, IVC – inferior vena cava, LRV- left renal vein, RK – right kidney, LK – left kidney, LTA – left testicular artery, LU – left ureter, IMA – inferior mesenteric artery, ARA – accessory renal artery.


pictures of the aorta and inferior vena cava | Inferior vena cava Pictures, Inferior vena cava Image, Medical Photo ...


mynotes4usmle: Abdominal Aorta’s Branches Let’s review this again, shall we? Remember: Lesser curvature: most COMMON site of GASTRIC ULCERS (meaning that, either left -celiac trunk’s branch- or right -proper hepatic artery’s branch- GASTRIC ARTERIES are gonna bleed depending on the ulcer’s location Splenic Artery: longest branch of the Celiac trunk Proper Hepatic Artery: runs through the HEPATODUODENAL LIGAMENT with their friends the Common Bile Duct & the ...


Celiac Artery Branches and Corresponding Organs: Stomach, Pancreas, Liver (not shown), and Spleen. Esophagus Exiting the Diaphragm at T10 and Aorta at T12.

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1843 Antique ANATOMY print, Angiology, LIVER, Celiac artery, stomach1, pancreas, 170 years old print

1843 Antique ANATOMY print, Angiology, LIVER, Celiac artery, pancreas, 170 years old print


Blood should flow through the celiac artery at a steady rate, but in the case of Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome (MALS) there is a ligament constricting


The hepatic and splenic flexures are located proximally and distally in which part of the large intestine? - Google Search