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How to Get Emergency Power from a Phone Line — What do you do if the power is out and you need to charge your cell phone to make an emergency phone call? Don’t worry. There are plenty of potential power sources all around you. One of them is the phone line. Most of us still have the wires in the house too.


"I don't bloody know. I press Emma button, and she answers usually."- Hook 6 * 3 "Rocky Road"

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Science Literacy Reading #19 - Immortal Cancer Cells- Secondary Science Sub Plan

In this article, students will read about Henrietta Lacks and how cancer cells from her body, called HeLa cells, have been dividing for over six decades to produce immortal cell lines that have been used in medical and commercial research all over the world. This is a great in class activity, homework assignment, weekly science reading assignment, sub plan or in school suspension plan. Use this to save time looking for engaging and appropriate articles with questions!

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Mitosis Foldable - Big Foldable for Interactive Notebooks or Binders

This Mitosis Big Foldable gives students enough room to write down all the events that occur in mitosis. It also includes interphase to reinforce the idea that DNA replication occurs BEFORE mitosis. The foldable is also great for coloring and an all-in-one place study guide when it is complete. It takes 3 sheets cut along dotted lines and taped together to create the one large foldable. Your students will love it!