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*UTAH~Blue Dinosaur Bone Cab of fossilized dinosaur bone. This highly silicated material is many millions of years old+it is a marvelous example of the natural preservation of our earth's ancient,extinct 'thunder lizards'.The cells in this fossil bone have been completely replaced w/pale bluish-purple agate,w/a scattering of reddish-orange cells+each is framed with a lattice-like network of black webbing.Those are the actual cell walls+ they're quite distinct here...

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How to Make a Swamp Diorama

Fulvic acid minerals are a natural detoxifier, aid in the assimilation of nutrients and oxygen into cells and help remove wastes and toxins from cells. They also help recharge cells' electrical balance and restore the integrity of cell walls.


the cell wall is exclusively located on the out side of a plant cell. it protects the cell and gives it its shape.

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Cell Wall Structure and Function

The cell wall is the rigid, semi-permeable protective layer found in some cells.