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Cells foldable

Excellent resource for teachers using INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS !!! This product will help students compare and contrast the characteristics of a plant cell and an animal cell (grades 5-6).

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Teaching . . . Seriously: Organelle Trail - Make learning about cells and organelles fun with these wanted posters.

We made edible animal cell models in science today! I told them they couldn't eat anything until they went home and told their parents about cells and their organelles! More

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Animal and Plant Cells + Organelles Reading Comprehension Interactive Notebook

Animal and Plant Cell Read & Apply. Includes reading passage, interactive notebook activity, and writing prompt! A great way to get your students engaged. Perfect for middle school!

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FREE - CELLS Organelle Riddles/Clues - Vocabulary Review Activity from cokerfamily6 on (2 pages) - Use this activity to review plant and animal cell organelles. Includes a short rhyme (clue) for each of the following organelles: nucleus, mitochondria, cell membrane, cell wall, chloroplast, cytoplasm, chlorophyll, organelle, and vacuole.

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Build-A-Cell is a drag and drop game to teach students about the organelles and organelle substructures within a plant, animal, bacterial, and fungal cell.- Teacher can create their own lesson plan more than just cells on this site.

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