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The Witcher Trinity Harp, a reproduction of the Brian Boru harp The harp itself plus its carving, silver and jewel ornamentation by Jay Witcher, 2000 Pyroengraving and color by Charlotte Hallett, 2000 there is an interesting article here: and more about Witcher Harps:

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I will not vouch for 100% accuracy, though know a fair few of the accents and cultural references, and can do a reasonable take off. After all i'm an Ulsterman, who speaks mostly Coleraine/north Antrim, and Belfaws, despite my lack of sectarian dislikes, and embracing most of Irish culture (the only culture i ken is agri culture hie bay!) from both sides of borders, until the political crap kicks in, which is mostly fighting battles of decades and centuries ago.

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The Wild Swans. Swans are sacred to the Goddess Bridget and in Celtic traditon are symbolic of Royalty, Nobility and Death, swans and swan maidens are messangers between the world of rhe Living and the Underworld.

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"Just remember, when you're over the Hill, you begin to pick up speed", Charles H. Schultz, creator of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the Peanuts Comics.

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America ~ A Horse With No Name ~ 3 decades later & still an awesome song

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Celtic Boar with Forest

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Malin Head, Donegal, Ireland First place I've ever wanted to travel to has always been Ireland!

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