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A one-off custom-built coupe created by George S. Brauks, a St. Louis, Missouri foundry pattern maker and carriage builder. The front of the car is a 1937 Hudson Terraplane 2 door coupe. The rear part seems to be a 1936 DeSoto. The entire car was narrowed lengthwise on the centerline to create a narrow body width.


$ 350000 Благодійни Фонд " Єдність Країни Our goal - the smiles of children! Our goal is to run rehabilitation center for children from deprivation syndrome war, theOur goal - the smiles of children! ir smooth return to civilian life. Many of them saw firsthand the death of their parents, friends and acquaintances. Sunday lived in the basement…


Roman, Oil flask, 1st-2nd century -Glass; free-blown with attached glass and bronze handles; wheel-cut lines around center of body - Boston Museum of Fine Arts

from Square Paws

Kitty Ferris Wheel

This Ferris wheel is one of Square Paws' crowning achievements of 2016.  The fixed-in-place wheel is ...

✨Flight of the nature! Located 15 kms from the center of the ancient capital of Luang Prabang Province in northern Laos, (also known as Louangphabang) I've done zip lining and obstacles courses in the trees many times, but this time was extra special in the Laos jungle. First we had to take a Tuk Tuk (Southeast Asian version of a mechanized three-wheeled taxi) to some sort of boat contraption, cruise for 30 minutes-ish with monks to the Tad Sae waterfall on the Khan River, arrive in the…