Ceramic Seal by Hippopottermiss on deviantART
Three hand-modelled hens in stoneware clay, decorated with coloured slips and fired to 1250°C
Handmade Ceramic Animal Planters by Cumbuca Chic  http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2015/07/handmade-ceramic-animal-planters-by-cumbuca-chic/
Ceramics by Anna Noel at Studiopottery.co.uk -
Sleeping rabbit, sweet sculpture. Size 7cm(2.7inch) wide,6cm (2.3inch)high,12cm (4.7inch)deep,around 200g.  Inside is hollow. White stoneware casted
Dog in the Wind by Stephanie Cunningham (and lots of other wonderful ceramic animals on this home page!
Ceramics by Lesley Martin at Studiopottery.co.uk - Produced in 2006.
010. Michael and Sumati Colpitts. "Creating in clay is our passion. We are fascinated with animals and make ceramic animal sculptures for indoors and outdoors as well as wall animals. The collaboration is a dance of combining Michael’s gift with gestures and  facial expressions and his many years of experience with clay and Sumati’s artistic eye, sense of form, attention to details and finishing work." www.artfulceramics.com
Animal Planters - whale planter. hmm. animal planters are an emerging trend for me. visit http://stitchme.gifts for more
Susan Halls quirky animals. She manages to capture the essence of the animal in her ceramic pieces.