How To Easily Clean Dirty Water Before Ceramic Filtering — When you’re in a survival situation, water supply is crucial since we can’t live very long without it. There are some portable filters you can use in this situation, but not all of them are suitable for large quantities of water.

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Water filtration is important in a disaster. This site shows the 5 methods of water purification.

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"DIY Ceramic Water Filter Kits, Revisited" DIY water filter kits allow just about anyone to create potable water from natural, fresh water sources such as ponds and streams. Simple, off-grid water systems using these kits can negate the expense and effort of packing in water and having lots of plastic bottles to recycle or dispose of. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS Blog

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Indonesia Antique , Not Just Antique but Tell History: Ceramic Water Filters Royal Doulton Vintage

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