Exploring form and function - combine with mythological hybrid animals through time - students could work individually or collaboratively mix n match animal halves as surreal book ends - image inspiration: Jayson Pineda: ceramic elephant book ends - would do with yr 8-9

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John Beasley is the artist. He creates incredible ceramic tiles for Medicine Bluff Studio that you should check out! Here's the link: http://www.medicinebluffstudio.com/ I've created a number of tile ceramics projects with my students - I'd like to use Mr. Beasley's to inspire another!

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Hand built and modelled wall tiles by Evelyn D’Arcy Synott. Created in Dublin based Wednesday evening ceramics course. Tiles have 3 layers of glaze as well as glass detail. Fired in an electric kiln to 1260°C (Cone 8). www.ceramicforms.com

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