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East and West linked by marriage #Certificate for the marriage of #Otto II, then co-Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and Princess #Theophano, niece of the Byzantine Emperor John I #Tzimisces. The wedding took place April 14 972 AD and was crucial for the mutual recognition of the two #Empires' authority in the West and East respectively. The item is composed of three pieces of #parchment that compose a roll 14,4 m. long. #archives, #history, #HolyRomanEmpire, #Byzantum

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Today EFF is pleased to announce Let’s Encrypt, a new certificate authority (CA) initiative that we have put together with Mozilla, Cisco, Akamai, Identrust, and researchers at the University of Michigan that aims to clear the remaining roadblocks to transition the Web from HTTP to HTTPS.

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Chinese Certificate Authority 'mistakenly' gave out SSL Certs for GitHub Domains

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Certificate Authority for everyone? Or how to lock the NSA out

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China Tried To Get World Internet Conference Attendees To Ratify This Ridiculous Draft Declaration

China es conocida en el mundo de redes y seguridad por ser uno de los países con mas bloqueos todo esto por el Gran Firewall el día de hoy se ha dado a conocer por medio de “AP” que los servicios de VPN mas populares que son utilizados para bloquear estos bloqueos están siendo bloqueados por el pais.