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Cesar Millan spills some of his best secrets for training your furry friend Pet Accessories, Dog Toys, Cat Toys, Pet Tricks

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10 Dog-Training Tricks Straight From the Dog Whisperer

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My Dog Eats Everything -- Help! | Cesar Millan's Tips for training the food-obsessed dog

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6 tips for mastering the dog walk

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How to start walking and training a puppy

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5 tips to help dog separation anxiety

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Cesar Millan's Positive Dog Training Techniques

Cesar Millan recommends using a consistent non-mark (the tsch sound) when a dog is misbehaving. If the dog continues to misbehave, it is important to follow-up the non-mark with some action (e.g. a body block or time-out) so that the dog understands that there are consequences for ignoring a non-mark.

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Cesar's best tips to stop dog barking

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8 essential steps to bringing a new dog into the home

The process of bringing your new dog into the home for the first time should be very deliberate and specific. Here are the eight essential steps.

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Cesar's Rules: Your Way to Train a Well-Behaved Dog -

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