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Enhanced Kundalini Meditation With Frankincense Essential Oil

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How to Awaken and Open the Third Eye

Having trouble sleeping? Trying to reach deeper states of meditation? Want to try lucid dreaming? The answer to your questions may lie in your Third Eye.

Advanced Spiritual 12 Chakra System

Besides the 7 primary chakra energy system there exists an extended chakra system, which is just now coming into humanity’s awareness. Description from I searched for this on

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OM Rainbow Mandala by Lilyas on DeviantArt

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22 chakras system (1-7 3rd dimensional) (8-15 4th dimensional) (16-22 5th dimensional)

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12 Chakras

There are most than 7 chakras for those who are ascending. Understand the 12 chakra system, which is actually 13 chakras, by clicking here!

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21 Ways to Balance Your Chakras

According to the law of attraction, we can attract what and who we want into our life by holding space for that thought. By holding positive energy, we attract positive results. When your chakras are balanced, energy is able to freely flow through you energetic system which leads to a greater sense of peace and wellness. clear chakras | chakra balancing | balance chakras | reiki healing | reiki energy | raise vibrations | holistic wellness | holistic healing | energy healing | chakras…

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