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So, You Want to Host a "Lazy Brunch" for the New Year

Champagne Bottle Centerpieces. Remove labels from used champagne bottles. Needle-nosed pliers to cut wire coat hangers to measures the bottom (straight edge) of the hanger + a curved portion. Straighten wire & shape. Make almost closed hook at end to hold bubbles. Thread round, glass opalescent of varied sizes onto the hanger pieces, starting with the smallest and alternating the sizes. Now you have "bubbles" for the Champagne Bottle Centerpiece.

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Customizable mini champagne bottle Labels - calligraphy Champagne bottle - Calligraphy Labels - Hand-Written Champagne Labels

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Glitter champagne bottle. Spray with silver spray paint, spray with spray glue and sprinkle glitter on. Glue crystals on with clear craft glue. You can add different size glitter to the bottle.

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Anyone care for a Magnum? | Bottle size chart "The Marketplace for Adults with Taste" @LiquorListcom

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Nautical Last Sail Before the Veil Bachelorette Full Size Champagne Label

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NYC Sex and the City Themed Bachelorette Full Size Champagne Bottle Label

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Barnyard Odors In Your Wine Can Actually Be A Good Thing

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