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Action Expresses Priorities. Oh how true this is. Isn't it crazy that we can get confused about our priorities? I think that's what can nudge us off track sometimes. We can be plugging along just fine and before we know it we're investing more and more time in things that don't make us happy don't take us where we want or need to go and don't express our priorities (or do they). Pause slow down take breaks put a sticky on your fridge make a desktop screen background that says: I want these 3…


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S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruit Survival Tip #410:While the changing of your S.H.I.E.L.D. regulation desktop wallpaper is permitted, please try to refrain from using images of fellow agents, members of the Avengers Initiative, or your ‘favorite’ supervillain(s). If you feel you must use one of the above, to reduce embarrassment in the future, please ensure that it is appropriate for all parties involved. [Submitted by wibblywobblytime-ywimeystuff]

from Hermine on walk

Erste Handlettering Versuche und inspirierende Instagramaccounts

Erfahrt, wie ich mit dem Handlettering angefangen habe, warum mir das gar nicht mal so leicht gefallen ist und weshalb ihr auch den Mut haben solltet neue Dinge auszuprobieren | Hermine on walk | Handlettering | Graphic Design | Typography