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Are you registered to vote? A NI election looks likely. Equal marriage & other rights issues are at stake. #ae17

Art project sheds new light on brain injury | From Trauma to Triumph [VIDEO] | Look through the eyes of a two-metre tall stainless steel head and you'll see an expression in video of artists' lives since acquiring a brain injury.

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Capitals 4 Rangers 3 Overtime: Rangers Rally but Lose Edge as Washington Capitals Catch Up and Slip By in Overtime

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Perfect! I knew I wasn't crazy! This is a serious issue
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Read this link and what they have accomplished....Amazing God is Alive!!! Christian's we have a voice and we must use it if WE want America to change. God is wiating for us to unite and COME to Him! WE as a WHOLE NEED HIM. We need to defend our American Values...and bring the ones we have lost back. AMEN AND AMEN.

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Great lists of companies/providers to change your address with that I might have forgotten otherwise. The blogger forgot one very important step though: REGISTER TO VOTE!

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