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Hazel: As well as poetic skill, this Ogham card represents intuition, the power of divination leading straight to the source. Hazel twigs have traditionally always been used for divining because of their pliancy and affinity with water.


Waterfalls are commonly formed when a river is young & the channel is narrow & deep. When the river courses over bedrock, erosion happens slowly. Downstream the erosion occurs more rapidly. As the watercourse increases its velocity at the edge of the waterfall, it plucks material from the riverbed. Whirlpools created in the turbulence & sand & stones carried by the watercourse increase the erosion capacity. This causes the waterfall to carve deeper into the bed & to recede upstream.


We have to know the bad to know the good. “The greater our sorrow is, the greater our capacity is to feel joy.” —Mormon Message