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ianbrooks: Strange Attractors by Chaotic Atmospheres The darkest art known as Chaos Theory is perfectly embodied in the form of its strange attractors: vast looping trajectories of variables that, when plotted, conjure gorgeous yet insidiously disruptive patterns. Chaotic Atmosphere’s Math: Rules series pays tribute to the beautiful form of chaos and its inevitable collapse of all our efforts to predict it. Artist: Behance / DeviantArt / Twitter


How to Start Class Without the Chaos

How to Start Class Without the Chaos - Teach 4 the Heart - plus a free set of middle school math bell ringers / practice exercises


6th grade math workshop rotation board to help keep track of math centers. This post explains how I am using math workshop in my 6th grade math classroom! Several free math games and activities included!


Teaching Guided Drawing to Beginning Writers (Kindergarten Chaos)

The question is often asked of Kindergarten teachers, ‘How do you teach Writing’? After a few years of trying different methods and writing programs, I finally found something that works for me and my


Fibonacci Fractal Chaos Math Pewter Pendant Necklace