Take a picture with the bronze Charging Bull by Arturo Di Modica. The bull is the symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity. The iconic Wall Street Bull is located in Bowling Green, NYC at the intersections of Broadway and Morris Street, just a block north of the South Ferry building. Image from http://www.masterfile.com/stock-photography/image/821-03655687/Bull-Statue-Wall-Street-New-York-USA

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.“The Reluctant Cowboy” will take you into the excitement and dust of rodeo arenas, into the rugged mountains of West Texas, and into the sensitive heart of an exceptional young man. It’s more than a coming-of-age story, more than a love story, more than a compelling adventure. As one reviewer stated, “Just like ‘The Beautiful Bones’ (also by Elizabeth A. Garcia) I could not put the book down until it was completely read. Love is love no matter who experiences it.”

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'Charging Bull' bronze sculpture by Arturo Di Modica on Wall Street #flou #nyc

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