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Charles Coughlin was a Catholic priest and also a radio personal. He was a racists as well as xenophobic and was critical about the FDR economic reform.

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Charles Coughlin. "[His] Kristallnacht address of November 20, 1938, [was] perhaps the vilest in the history of American broadcasting . . . Coughlin argued . . . that the [Kristallnacht] atrocity was merely a “defense mechanism against communism,” which was the product of “atheistic Jews” . . . In the end, he said America should avoid any “unreasonable reprisals” against the Hitlerite regime. “Let charity be the law of our conduct,” he concluded, “and let justice for all be our guiding…

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Last World War II Comanche Code Talker, Charles ‘Charlie’ Joyce Chibitty

Charles Joyce Chibitty (November 20, 1921 – July 20, 2005) was a Comanche Numunu code talker, who spoke in his native language to relay messages for the United States Army during the European Theatre of World War II.

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Second Officer Charles Lightoller was the most senior Titanic officer to survive the disaster. Off-duty at the time of the collision, Lightoller took charge of the lifeboat evacuation on the port side of the Titanic. Diving clear as the ship went down, he clung to an overturned lifeboat and would be the last survivor pulled from the water by the crew of RMS Carpathia. Photograph by: File Photo , The Ottawa Citizen

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Vintage 1930's "Pocket Companion" with Catholic icons in case

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Father Charles Coughlin, leader of the antisemitic Christian Front, delivers a radio broadcast. Detroit, United States, March 11, 1935.

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1963. 30 Juin. By Robert KNUDSEN. KN-C29356. President John F. Kennedy Departs Church in England. President John F. Kennedy departs Our Lady of the Forest Church, Forest Row, England, with Father Charles P. Dolman (center) following mass. White House Secret Service agent, Walt Coughlin, stands second from right

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Irishman Defends "Bund"' --An interesting letter from the newspaper 'Social Justice' (April 3, 1939), done by Father Charles Coughlin.

Father Charles Coughlin, leader of the antisemitic Christian Front, delivers a radio broadcast. United States, February 4, 1940.

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