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Vintage 1930's "Pocket Companion" with Catholic icons in case

Vintage 1930's "Pocket Companion" with Catholic Icons


Charles Coughlin was a Catholic priest and also a radio personal. He was a racists as well as xenophobic and was critical about the FDR economic reform.


Charles Coughlin. "[His] Kristallnacht address of November 20, 1938, [was] perhaps the vilest in the history of American broadcasting . . . Coughlin argued . . . that the [Kristallnacht] atrocity was merely a “defense mechanism against communism,” which was the product of “atheistic Jews” . . . In the end, he said America should avoid any “unreasonable reprisals” against the Hitlerite regime. “Let charity be the law of our conduct,” he concluded, “and let justice for all be our guiding…

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Details about Bishops Versus The Pope by Father Charles Coughlin,Catholic hardcover, Detroit

Bishops Versus The Pope by Father Charles Coughlin,Catholic hardcover, Detroit

Setting the Record Straight w/ Charles Coughlin

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Great Depression - Analyzing FDR’s New Deal Programs (Common-Core)

Critics of the New Deal Primary Source Analysis Activity In this engaging activity, students will analyze six primary sources about FDR’s New Deal Programs during the Great Depression. To begin, students will learn about three popular critics of the New Deal; Huey Long, Father Charles Coughlin and Francis Townsend. To assess their knowledge, students will write a paragraph about their opinion of the New Deal.

Father Charles Coughlin, leader of the antisemitic Christian Front, delivers a radio broadcast. Detroit, United States, March 11, 1935.

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To the Go-Along Republicans

To the Go-Along Republicans - WSJ. Huey Long, Charles Coughlin, Alger Hiss, Joe McCarthy and Bull Connor are the foul names of America’s 20th century, and always will be. And those who supported and excused them will always be tainted by association. This is where Republicans now find themselves with their presidential nominee. It's not enough to distance yourself from his remarks... again... and again... and again. You cannot lay with him and still call yourself a virgin.

father charles coughlin images | during his peak father charles coughlin was considered the undisputed