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Charles the Bald or Charles II (13 June 823 – 6 October 877), Holy Roman Emperor (875–877) and King of West Francia (840–877), with the borders of his land defined by the Treaty of Verdun, 843, was the youngest son of the Emperor Louis the Pious by his second wife Judith, and grandson of Charlemagne.


This image of Carolingian Emperor Charles the Bald and his wife was made between 866 and 875. Note his wife's heavily embroidered veil.


King Ragnar of Lodbrock "Hairy Breeches" Sigurdsson King of Denmark and King of Sweden. March 28, 845: Paris captured by the Vikings. Led by Ragnar Lodbrok of legend, 120 Viking ships beseiged and captured the city. After Charles the Bald paid a Danegeld of 700 pounds of silver, they left without burning the city, then went on to attack other parts of France. 31th G GRANDFATHER


; Psautier de Charles le Chauve Reliure d’ivoire et d’orfèvrerie École du Palais de Charles le Chauve, copié par Liuthard avant 869 BnF, Manuscrits, Latin 1152 plat inférieur


14th century depiction of Louis's coronation Reign 877–879 Coronation 8 December 877 in Compiègne Predecessor Charles II Successor Louis III and Carloman II Spouse Ansgarde of Burgundy Adelaide of Paris Issue Louis III of France Carloman II Hildegarde of France Gisela of France Ermentrude of France Charles the Simple House Carolingian Father Charles the Bald Mother Ermentrude of Orléans Born 1 November 846 Died 10 April 879 (aged 32) Burial Saint-Corneille Abbey, Compiègne, France,