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Charlie sheen movies list

82 Films You Will Never Be Able To Look At The Same Way Again

Charlie Sheen in the '80s. I still love him today but he was an epic '80s kid.

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Charlie Sheen --when he was young and in a NYC subway. Adam would wear jeans and a jacket like this!

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The Rookie (1990)

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Celebrity Thanksgiving: 24 Surprising Hollywood Relatives (PHOTOS)

Perhaps one of the best-known familial relations in the list, "Apocalypse Now" actor Martin Sheen's two sons Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez both went on to have successful careers in Hollywood, with one more vocally "winning" than the other. Estevez is the proper family surname; Martin adopted "Sheen" as his stage name, which Charlie then took on as well. The Hollywood connection doesn't stop there: Martin's younger brother Joe Estevez is also an actor.

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