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Advice on lumber strength Check out the full project I'm planning on building a small firewood rack to keep on my back porch (preliminary sketch here). It'll be about 5' tall 2' wide and 1' deep with an upper rack for kindling.To keep things simple (and cheap) I'll build it entirely from either 2x2 or 2x4 lumber and for aesthetic reasons I'm hoping to stick with 2x2.Since it'll hold firewood however it might need to support as much as 300 lbs. of weight. Would 2x2 lumber be up to the task or…

can I make baskets with 1x2 Frugal Ain't Cheap: Chicken wire project

Firewood rack using no tools

Building a no-tools-needed firewood rack A stable, strong, easily-movable, cheap firewood rack is a thought-provoking project.


It's amazing what you can do with one fallen tree and a chainsaw isn't it? Most

It's amazing what you can do with one fallen tree and a chainsaw isn't it? Most of us look at a fallen tree and see firewood. But wait! This gallery shows you why you shouldn't burn those logs: Burn a log and it’s gone forever! Firewood? We don’t think so!


DesignDreams by Anne: The Mini Shed Project aka I built a shed for $30 I want it to hide my trash cans!


9 Super Easy DIY Outdoor Firewood Racks

9 Super Easy DIY Outdoor Firewood Racks! • Lots of ideas, projects and tutorials of firewood racks that you can very easily make yourself!


Brush fence pictures and story by Detroit garden designer Deborah Silver of Deborah Silver and Co., Inc. (21 Mar. 2011). This particular fence succumbed to a strong windstorm. For more durability I might substitute milled lumber uprights (cedar poles?) for the branch uprights in this project. I do like the idea of using "waste" material for the majority of the project, though.


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I just asked my husband to build this. I think that made him feel manly so he just might! He's built a baby cradle, cat & dog houses, cow feeder, rabbit cage stand, fences, etc. and often without plans so this looks fairly simple.