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cut shapes in a tarp - put duct tape on the edges. fun and cheap game. I'm so doing this for my kids. -

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27 Ideias que utilizam caixas de papelão para criar atividades e brincadeiras para as crianças

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32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

Glowing ring toss game for when power i s out? or summer night! - Did this at a graduation party when it was too dark for volleyball!

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WHaaaaat i ship them

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Fun and Cheap Party Games- Easter Olympics

Cheesy Toss party game - This is game is fun but a little messy, best done outside. One member of each team wears a shower cap covered in shaving cream. The other teammate gets to throw cheesies at their head. The more cheesies to stick to their cap the better. Each cheesy stuck is worth one point, all teams gets a cup with the same amount of cheesies in it. Supplies- Shower caps, shaving cream, large bag of cheeses.

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10 Off-Grid, Backyard Games for Your Family

Milk Jug Ball Catcher: After cutting the bottoms off clean milk jugs, decorate the outside of the bottles with craft tape and markers. Be sure to use tape to cover the edge. Make a simple ball out of crumpled-up newspaper. Wrap the ball in craft tape.

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20 Fun, Cheap And Easy DIY Outdoor Games For The Whole Family

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I cannot remember a busier time in my life than the last three or four weeks, not even the week...

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