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Inspiration: sandwich cheap headstones between 2x4s with holes drilled for re-rods to stick in the ground for stability. Quick and easy tombstones! Remember to check out our halloween store


Idea for the graveyard. Create a ghostly specter floating above a tombstone by mounting a hand to the top of the headstone and installing a pole-mounted upper torso and head with lightweight sheer curtain fabric one foot behind the tombstone. Put a cheap fan in a weather-proof enclosure at the rear base of the tombstone and aim it toward the fabric. Light with a UV LED light.


Halloween Grave Stones. *make your own grave stones. i did these last year! :) it was so much fun to do and easy!! i bought my styrofoam in a pack of three long sheets at Lowe's and then just used black spray paint and a bottle of black puffy paint do write on them! :)

from Martha Stewart

Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding

Tombstone Decorations for Your Lawn! Use our spooky templates for a frightfully simple way to create crafts and decorations for Halloween. Set out a few tombstones in your yard and let them work the graveyard shift on Halloween. These are made by trimming gray paper bags. They bear an eerie resemblance to real gravestones when lit with mini lights.