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Build Thread Cheap laser cutter modifications.

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Buying a Laser Cutter From China


Pocket laser engraver.

Pocket LASER engraver. Uses VD drive parts for motion. I feel its time to share my latest project - a low cost laser engraver,. The workspace is a bit small but none the less it works and comes so cheap that most will be able to replicate the result. I did take a few shortcuts, as I feel I dont have the knowledge to do all the electronics I opted for readymade but low cost in favor of trying to make my own (and most likely fail). All parts used are however easy to find.

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Weekend Workshop: How to build a laser engraver on the cheap

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***With the globe rapidly changing and with many latest technologies coming in laser has got a new location and creates our life easier and more suitable with singapore laser engraving. There are many items accessible around us on whom we cannot write or print by hands in this condition this process is so useful. Purchasing something different for beloved one...

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F- You White T-shirt

We all know how expensive Brandy Melville's graphic tees can get. So here's a cheaper alternative to getting those trendy tees ;)


The Zpine chair is a combination of laser cut and engraved wood; 0.8mm birch plywood supported by an inner steel frame. “The chair is based on a new technology we developed that opens up unlimited possibilities for a vastly undervalued material – honeycomb. This beautiful material is cheap to make, renewable and biodegradable, yet gives a magnificent strength to weight ratio.” – Eric Tong