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What a blessing in disguise that day was, when you both sat down and told me your news!

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In the South we have all heard this...meaning"You really aren't sorry" I had to pin it because it brought back too many memories :)

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She wanted to be loved so badly she couldn't tell it wasn't love.

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To think that he is true love is an expression of the weak person you are!

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Yup! I used to believe guys when they said their exes were crazy. Usually there is more to the story!!

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Woo hoo... Donna.... you should know this about my jerk of a husband that you are cheating with!

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Funny Breakup Ecard: Don't cry because it's over, smile because that asshole is finally someone else's problem.

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I despise cheaters.. Both my husband and I have been cheated on with our priors.. Thank you to them for giving us each other!

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