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9 Ways to Be Better at Relationships

Maybe you’re a classic extrovert, while your significant other prefers to stay in and order pizza on Saturday night. Maybe he can’t stand that you check your email in bed. Maybe career success is central to your identity, whereas she thinks of her work mostly as a way to pay the bills. Maybe you

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Great Day, Attractive Thinker! It's a Great Day to Be Alive! Since you're breathing you might as well live right? Well, since you're living, you might as well thrive, right?! I know... you got lost in the survival of life and can't seem to find your way back to you... to your dreams... Please don't settle! You matter... I've created space for you to get clear and make a decision tonight at 8pm! Don't miss it!!

from Jane Travis - Self Care for People Pleasers

Self Care Challenge Confirmation

Self care for people pleasers21 days to a happier you!YAY!!  Well done you!  You've made the decision to care for yourself, which is fantastic.  Welcome to the self care family!​All you have to do now is check your email and click on the confirmation link. This confirms that YOU (and not your keyboard-loving cat, toddler or …


Happy New Year! I'm SO excited for today. This project has been a long time coming. DailyLoveTV is something that I've wanted to do since I started TDL almost 6


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