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How to - Chemical metal to repair a Hex Socket Part 2 So after Playing round with chemical metal i wanted to do some more testing so i had a look around and ...

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Scientific Equipment & Supplies: like tornado makers, rockets, chemicals and metals

Along with the invention of electrification, came more benefits. The creations of cheep chemical metals, called electrochemistry. These were conductive metals and chemicals such as aluminum, chlorine, sodium hydroxide, and magnesium. The first people who successfully made some of these chemicals were Sir Humphrey Davy and Svante Arrhenius in the 1880's.


Chemical guys. Metal wax. Nettoie et protège Alu., Metal, Inox et Chrome.

This pillar is also known as Ashokan pillar and is present in Delhi, India. It was made in about 912 BCE. It is 7 m high. This pillar is of great interest to people because of the fact that it is extremely resistant to corrosion. Weathering and harsh, alternating dry and wet conditions do not affect this pillar. It does not even rust. This is because of its curious chemical metallic nature. Its metal is supposed to have many impurities, which impart this amazing quality to this pillar.

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Chemical Free Metal Etching Tutorial Easy Safe by MyBrownWren

Chemical, Radioactive and Heavy Metal Contamination and What to Do About It

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Buy 20L chemical/paint metal pail with good quality lock ring lid and metal handleChemical Packaging on