Avogadro & The Mole Today, 23rd October, is Mole Day – which might put you in mind of small, furry, burrowing animals. However, they don’t even seem to have a commemorative day of any kind; we’re actually talking about the mole in chemistry, a quantity that essentially allows us to ‘count’ atoms and molecules in a more convenient way. This is a fundamental concept, and one that all chemists utilise.
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Studying Materials Scientifically: Chemistry of Flame Test anyway, my dad majored in chemistry although he never became a chemist
Looking for help for 'The Mole'. Looking online for support and guidance can be a bit of a minefield. It can also be very difficult trying to find that one specific article that can finally make a topic click, and find that set of questions that enable you to finally understand that dreaded topic: 'The Mole'... To continue reading this article visit:
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A really cool graphic organizer for acids and bases.  #graphic organizer  #acids and bases  #chemistry
Aufbau chart - Electron Energy Level Configuration Diagram  like the virtues, first you start with a basic virtue, then once you're solid with that virtue you start practicing a higher, dependent virtue and keep practicing and mastering the fundamental virtues
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So this is what I'm doing instead of my titration homework: Chemistry & Colours of pH Indicators
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This is a diagram illustrating the "Ideal Gas Law"
Post summarising types of chemical formulae in organic chemistry. Click 'visit site' to read more & download.
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