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Zombie and Vampire Bundle! 3 Science Reading and Sub Plans

No-prep science reading perfect for Halloween! Trouble finding suitable Halloween science resources? Here are 3 great science reading articles that are perfect for Halloween. They also make great science sub plans for that unexpected emergency.


CoCl2 flowers! 3 years old! You take white tissue paper flowers and spray them with a saturated cobalt II chloride solution. Just put it in a spray bottle and mist them. Wear gloves. I did it in a paper box to keep the spray contained. Then let them dry. Don't let students touch them. When it is dry, they are bright blue. When it us humid, they are light pink.


Lewis Dot Diagrams of the Elements - Customizable and Printable


Covalent bonds are the sharing of electrons to reach octet and ionic are the transfer of electrons from one element to another.


Chemistry & Honors Chemistry...uses Packets in lieu of Units!!!

Great tool for solving three simple algebraic equations essential to solution chemistry. Just cover up the variable you are solving for, and the arrangement of the other two variables shows if you should multiply or divide them to solve for your unknown. For example, multiple molarity (M) and volume (L) to solve for moles of solute in a solution. Also illustrates the central role of the mole as a counting unit!


Chemistry stoichiometry If my chem teacher had done this, I might have actually liked chemistry

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Atomic Structure-Interactive Flip Book

Students will be constructing a flip book to use as their “notes” for the introductory information in Atomic Structure. The content in the flip book covers what an atom is, the subatomic particles within it, important vocabulary, and using the Periodic Table in Atomic Structure.

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10 Seriously Cool Chemistry Experiments

10 Seriously Cool Chemistry Experiments: Copper and Nitric Acid